About us

Mission and Vision

The mission of Rockwell Chardter High School is to prepare students to be successful in their post secondary pursuits by:

  • fostering creativity
  • encouraging collaboration
  • empowering students to take responsibility for their own learning and future.


Rockwell Charter High School (RCHS) is a public and accredited charter high school that will serve students in grades 7 through 12. The school will provide a postsecondary preparatory, liberal arts education with a smaller environment than most traditional public schools while offering a well­ rounded high school experience. Athletics, activity clubs, service organizations, and other activities will be part of the Rockwell experience.

The school believes if students are truly led, they will follow. If expectations are set high, then they will rise to the occasion and achieve more than they thought possible. Rockwell Charter High School will lead and set high expectations so all students can be successful in their personal and academic pursuits.

The opportunity to be challenged, to be supported, and guided toward a successful future that includes a college degree or vocational study is the right of every student who attends Rockwell Charter High School. Students will be encouraged to take courses at the appropriate challenging level, work hard, and be responsible and accountable for their education.

The school’s goal is to form relationships between students, teachers, families and the community to assist in accomplishing their educational mission and goals. Parents will be strongly encouraged to foster the educational goals established at school and to set high academic expectations in the home.

Technology will play an integral part of the student’s academic experience in preparing them for a higher education and career in the future. RCHS plans to utilize technology to support the curriculum, programs and goals of the school. The school’s intent is to ensure all students are technologically literate before graduation and have the ability to live and work in a world where technology is no longer the exception, but the rule. The school will maintain both stationary and mobile computer labs for research, curriculum support, interactive learning, and collaborative online projects.

RCHS will communicate to students, parents, and teachers through web-based platforms. Grades, progress reports, newsletters, and information regarding school activities and events will be accessible online enhancing and improving communication.

Why Rockwell?

  • Opportunities to build relationships with teachers and other students because of small class sizes. The average class size is 25 students.

  • The ability to personalize educational plans. Rockwell’s Counseling Department, Special Education Department, and Teaches work hard to help students set their educational pathway to match their post-secondary goals.

  • Participation in UVU Distance and Concurrent Enrollment Programs. Every student has an opportunity to earn an associates degree if they choose.

  • A diverse student population with students coming from many cities in Northern Utah County to foreign countries through our exchange programs. We support (and welcome) all students with their various talents, skills, or disabilities.

  • Unique ways to help students find success! From one on one assistance from teachers and staff to Marshal Aid. (Marshal Aid is a once a week tutoring opportunity for students to attend to receive help in English, Math, and other subjects. This is also part of our attendance make up program.)

Demographics of Rockwell

  • 2020-2021 enrollment (281 enrolled students)
    • 20 7th graders
    • 37 8th graders
    • 35 9th graders
    • 51 10th graders
    • 54 11th graders
    • 84 12th graders

  • 2021-2022 student population comes from:
    • Cedar Fort (2.79%)
    • Draper (.5%)
    • Eagle Mountain (74.8%)
    • Lehi (8.36%)
    • Saratoga Springs (12.56%)
    • West Valley (.93%)
    • Foreign Countries (Spain, Italy, etc…) (3%)


To schedule a tour, please call (801) 789-7625