Director Message

Director's Message​

April 2021

Hello Rockwell!

As we get into our last term of the year, it is always great to look back and see the successes that we have had.

We have been able to adjust well to our lifestyles with COVID.  We have great families that have adapted to the changes as they have come.  We have seen a change from hybrid to a 4 day a week at the school and one day online.  We have seen Test to Play COVID testing requirements.   Because of the small nature of Rockwell, we have been able to maintain student activities where other schools haven’t been able to.  We have had dances, extracurricular activities, and more more.  We also have never had to close the school down due to too many people with COVID.

So, as we move into this last term, let’s make the best!  Let’s focus on being successful in the classroom through either face-to-face participation, online participation, or both.  Please make sure to reach to teachers, staff, and admin to get the help and support that you need.  We are here to help out!  Students, use our Marshal Aid support on Fridays from 12 to 3 to keep grades up and make up attendance.

Thanks for all you do!

Misty de FariasMisty de Farias







Misty De Farias,
Rockwell Charter High School