Director Message

Director's Message​

Hello Rockwell!

We made it to the summer!  I hope this summer can be the break from the stress and strain that COVID caused over the last year.  (Now let’s hope we can all survive the heat!)

We ended our year with a bang!  We were excited to hold our graduation back at Thanksgiving Point’s Red Show Barn.  We heard great advice from our Valedictorian, Diana Figueroa, and our Salutatorian, Don Lai, on how to face the future.  Mr. Parker sent us off with a great piece of advice…”Don’t quit your job until you have another job.”  He spoke to the heart of many graduates and we were grateful that our Seniors chose him as our Commencement speaker.

Students, as you use your summer time to relax and regroup for this upcoming school year, I want you to remember some things.

  • Never stop learning!  Take some time to learn something new.  Learn a new skill, a new hobby, read a new book, or take a few minutes and learn something new about yourself or someone else.
  • Reach out to others.  Make sure your friends are doing well.  If you need a resource to help you out if you. a friend, or loved one not doing well, make sure to download the SafeUT App.  This App will connect you via phone or texting with a licensed professional to help you talk through, get ideas, or provide help in the way that you or a friend might need.  You can always reach out to us at Rockwell as well!  Myself (, Shelley Hayes (, and Sam Grabert ( are only an email away! 
  • Do something good for someone else.  You will be amazed at how you feel after you do it!

Make the best of the summer and I will see you soon!

Misty De Farias,
(Director – Rockwell Charter High School)