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Dear Rockwell community,

Hope everyone had as pleasant a break as possible. Here we are at the start of a new term and a new semester. There are some things I need you all to be aware of as we move through the rest of this school year:

  • With the loss to a move of our Assistant Director of Operations, Candice Spivey, the main office will need to operate with a slight modification in that simply showing up and expecting time from an administrator will be honored when possible, but the reality is always better to set an appointment. We will still have Candice’s support from afar for at least the remainder of this school year, but it is a loss not to have her with us directly. Please work with teachers on things related to or with the teacher first before contacting administration. So much more good comes out of parents and teachers working together.
  • Students who have been given Incompletes (I) on either term in the first semester, should have worked out what is due and by when with the teacher awarding that grade. It is preferable to have students work with their teacher directly regarding these grades either before or after school. However, in the event that doesn’t or can’t happen, we are offering over the next two consecutive Fridays, January 4th and 11th, from 1:15 - 4:00, and on Saturday, January 5th, 8:30 am to Noon, time and space to be able to get this work done and turned in. We know there were often excellent reasons for these grades to be awarded, but too often the work doesn’t end up getting done and we want to help students be accountable for their efforts.
  • With the second half of the year upon us, we are weeks away from taking the ACT (11th grade) and other tests that help us know how we are doing in terms of how we teach and how students learn. Everyone is welcome to their political ideals about testing and so forth, but stripping it all down to the basics, all we are concerned with at this school is another way to measure whether or not we are doing a good enough job. We have small class sizes and a small school so every student who does not take a test actually hurts the overall view of that school. Many of us know that there are several ways to measure proficiency, but the one way that is easiest for those who make decisions about a school’s funding and future is a standardized test. Please help us help your students not only be here to take the tests coming up, but to do their honest best on whatever one they take.
  • Please start thinking about next year. We have a new High School opening out by Frontier Middle School and we need to know what our numbers are likely to be well before the new school year starts sometime in mid-August. Knowing these numbers helps us know how many teachers we need and what to expect for transportation and so on. Look for Intent to Reenroll forms at the office. These forms need to be done annually anyway, but looking ahead to decide helps for planning purposes.

Before we know it, we will be at the graduation of the class of 2019. We have a great deal to do between now and May 23rd. Let’s not waste one another’s time and energy, but help each other help our students be successful.

Best always,

Darren Beck,
Executive Director
Rockwell Charter High School

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    Positive Interactions

    As part of the public system of education in the state, Rockwell is committed to constant improvement. Furthermore, as a public charter school, the school is committed to doing what it can for the students entrusted to us. As needed, parents, guardians, and students should seek opportunities to meet with teachers to go over work, to review policies and procedures, and to connect in the mist appropriate ways to help students succeed. Positive interactions help us grow a culture of success.

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    FSO Corner

    FSO General Meeting, Wednesday, November 2nd, 7 pm, in the library. Please come out and see how you can be involved.

    Stay tuned for info on the Family Food Nights (and if you have ideas about doing one of these, please let us know) and other activities.

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