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Marshals, parents, faculty, and staff,

Just emailed some of the following out and thought it made a decent letter for the website. We genuinely look daily at how to better serve students and make you glad you are involved with this school and our new attendance tracking communication system is part of that. In order for this to work well, it requires, first and foremost, that students get to class. Next, it requires teachers to be on the ball about taking roll. Finally, this requires parents to communicate with the school when legitimate absences or tardies occur. Chances are if you get a call, text, and/or email, you should get that.

Sadly, we tried to keep pace with a relatively small percentage of students who have a very casual attitude about getting to class and doing so on time. Whether a member of administration or one of our trackers, it was difficult to get you communicated with as soon as possible as we also had to deal with other matters. It was too hit and miss. We will still use trackers, but things will be a tad different as they transition more to on-the-spot mentors and tutors than being attendance police. There will be glitches for sure as nothing is perfect, but more critically important, students who sometimes get away with routine absences and tardies are no longer able to do that.

Studies show that 9th grade GPA (grade point average) has a greater impact on success later in life than any other indicator. Strong correlation to future success comes from being GPAs before and after 9th grade as well. It all boils down to being present in their own lives. Regular and consistent on-time attendance impacts GPAs and, probably more importantly, on-time or early graduation. We have one of the highest graduation rates in the state and our graduates are very successful in a variety of ways. We should see an increase in all sorts of positives as a result of this new system. We’ll have some irritations, too, but that is remedied by taking a deep breath and working together to help our students succeed. Being in class increases the probability that a student’s GPA will increase and that the student will graduate on time, possibly early. It is that simple.

Please let me know if you have questions or concerns. We are grateful to have your student or students at Rockwell. Working together, we simply get more accomplished in the arena of their future success.

Best always,

Darren Beck,
Executive Director
Rockwell Charter High School

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    Positive Interactions

    As part of the public system of education in the state, Rockwell is committed to constant improvement. Furthermore, as a public charter school, the school is committed to doing what it can for the students entrusted to us. As needed, parents, guardians, and students should seek opportunities to meet with teachers to go over work, to review policies and procedures, and to connect in the mist appropriate ways to help students succeed. Positive interactions help us grow a culture of success.

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    FSO Corner

    FSO General Meeting, Wednesday, November 2nd, 7 pm, in the library. Please come out and see how you can be involved.

    Stay tuned for info on the Family Food Nights (and if you have ideas about doing one of these, please let us know) and other activities.

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