• Board Meeting Schedule Change

    Dear Parents and Teachers,
    Due to some scheduling issues we are adjusting our start time on board meeting this Tuesday, April 15th, to start at 5:30. The first part will be spent on annual board evaluations. We will then have public comment at 7:00. We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause. We are planning on reviewing the dress code, as well as voting on changes to the Board Bylaws. The proposed changes to the Board Bylaws are available for your review in the front office. We welcome public participation.
    Thanks, Rockwell Charter Board

  • Accreditation

    On October 29th and 30th this year, Rockwell underwent an external review. This review looked at specific areas of academics and operation to determine the school's fitness to exist as part of the public system of instruction here in Utah. This accreditation effort is crucial.

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From the Director


Dear Marshals,

Spring has finally sprung (sorta). We are down to the last month and a half of school. We have had great, good, and not-so-good things happen this year, often all on the same day in the same hour! Just know we are working hard to be ready earlier than we have ever been before for the next school year.

Need to express gratitude to Candice Spivey and Misty Madsen for all their hard work. They are two of the best Assistant Directors a school could have and that is often the comments I hear from around the state from people who interact with them. I also appreciate all of our teachers and the support staff we have at the school as well for all their work. A school is never about one person, but the various efforts of many. I appreciate the support parents and community members extend in the ways that they can to helping Rockwell get stronger. Whether it is serving on the board or as part of the FSO or in any number of ways, every positive, constructive effort matters. I am looking forward to continuing our present momentum into the next school year.

Please know that I understand fully our students have options other than attending here. I appreciate them being here with us. I sometimes feel I want them to be successful more than they do, but I am grateful they are here with us, 7th graders through 12th graders. Also know that I appreciate our students even more when they are dressed properly, not wearing hats, in class on time, looking out for one another's well-being, and helping us in various ways cultivate an environment of mutual respect, trust, and success for all involved. The kids are the only reason to deal with some of the ridiculousness that comes with working with so many unique and diverse perspectives. Each of them, like each of the adults in their lives, have tremendous value and limitless potential. We have to determine whether that is for good or ill.

We will be sending out information on course requests for next year, summer school, important upcoming dates, and other matters over the next few weeks. Again, thank you all for your efforts, your support, and for being here with us.

Best always,

Darren Beck,
Rockwell Charter High School

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