• School Pictures

    Picture Day has come and gone. Bell Photography did a great job and we are glad to be working with them. Make ups or retakes are scheduled for October 28th.

  • Board and FSO Changes

    We express gratitude for the efforts of Annette Webster and Mark Lofgren for their service on our governing board and wish them well. With their resignations, come a need to staff our board with people who are willing to help the school continue to improve. Specific needs would be in finance, business, and/or in non-profits. Please email the board your letter of intent including past experience that could be applicable to serving on a volunteer governing board. These should be sent directly to board@rockwellhigh.net or through Mr. Beck, dbeck@rockwellhigh.net. Your consideration of this effort is appreciated.

    Many schools have a PTA, some even have a PTO, but Rockwell has our FSO (Family School Organization). Every parent is a member and can be involved in meaningful ways to support Rockwell's continued growth. Sammie Anderson has been appointed as our new FSO President and she is excited to be involved. One of Sammie's main efforts this year is to get more parents involved as it works for them as well as to support teacher projects and activities that simply may not fit in the budget. Please send an email if you have something you'd like to do to help. Either email Sammie at rockwellfso@gmail.com or email a member of administration. Thank you ahead of time for any support you can lend.

From the Director


Dear Rockwell,

I'd like to frankly address some key issues as briefly as possible:

(1) Term 1 ends on Wednesday, October 15th (we have fall break on the 16th and 17th). With the end of the term, comes a realization that we have various students with grades below a C-. While part of the mentoring effort is to address such grades, students actually have to put in the time and effort to get their grades up. Weekly, Rockwell offers Saturday School (8-11am) as a support for attendance issues, but it can also be used to work on D+, D, D-, and F grades. Unless there are legitimate learning issues, there is never a reason for grades to be below average especially if students will speak up.

(2) Our dress code is simple and needs to be reviewed at home as well as at school. We do our honest best to enforce it here, but we have some chronic code breakers. Please know that it essentially breaks down to 3 primary issues: modesty, cleanliness, and being in good repair. Clothing chosen should cover up what should be covered without rips and tears in the material regardless of what was spent on the item. Nothing promoting unhealthy or illegal activities should be worn. Clothing and students should be clean.

(3) Public displays of affection, PDA, beyond quick, platonic or just friendly hugs that many teens exchange anymore, should be avoided along with the mouthiness when a school employee calls students out on it. Please exercise self-control, better yet, exercise self-mastery and save special exchanges for special moments.

(4) Please watch your language. That you or I may speak a certain way under certain conditions is all fine and good, but specific harsh, vulgar, and loud expressions are never acceptable at school. I have had a swearing problem for years and still manage not to share it throughout the halls. If I can mostly be successful watching my mouth, anyone can and should.

(5) Please get to class on time, especially after lunch. Students struggling with attendance and even tardies often struggle with passing grades. If you are in attendance regularly, you have a far better shot at passing your classes. If tardiness after lunch especially does not improve, I will have no choice but to close our campus at high school lunch and possibly reduce the time again. Easy rule: be where you are supposed to be when you are supposed to be there doing what you are supposed to be doing.

(6) Once in class, please have an attitude to make class better. Calling a teacher or subject boring or worse is far more a matter of your attitude than you appreciate. You, as a student, have far more responsibility for your learning than a teacher or the school or the government. Please don't complain about being forced when you are not owning the responsibility of your independence to begin with.

(7) Respect, everyone, is mutual, it does not exist one way! Expecting respect when you fail to demonstrate it is about control and has little to do with respect. It grows organically where it is sown and really cannot be forced or it withers and dies. Step up everyone - we all claim to want it so we better start cultivating it. Please and thank you.

I appreciate everyone considering these matters. If we all simply work within the parameters suggested in these items, Rockwell will become far more of what we all want and need it to be. As we all work together with the same set of standards in mind and in practice, more kids will succeed and more adults will be happy with the outcome.

Best always,

Darren Beck,
Rockwell Charter High School

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