• Summer Term 2014

    Students needing to make up credit and those wanting to accelerate credit will find Rockwell's summer school program a huge benefit. Summer Term will start on Tuesday, June 3rd and go until July 3rd. The first and last weeks will run three days with the other weeks running Monday through Thursday. There will also be a program for credit recovery and acceleration through a blended format during this time frame.

    While limited to 40 spots, the approach will be through integrated studies with work done in Plant Science, PE, Art, History, and English. Mrs. Sadler, Mr. Pryor, and others will be involved to assist students in those areas with credit recovery and credit acceleration. All grades will be served through this program. If students have an IEP or 504, those accommodations will be enforced. Students seeking to accelerate the earning of credit will be required to develop a final project that will be discussed with the teachers and administration.

    There will be a meeting on Monday, June 2nd at 11am at the school for those interested in this effort. Information will be available that day for those unable to attend. There needs to be a commitment to attend each day of the 18 days of class. School will go from 9:30am to 12:30pm daily. While lunch will not be served, students will have the ability to take a brief mid-day break at around 10:45 and may eat food brought from home or food purchased at Maverik. On days where hikes are done, a sack lunch will need to be brought from home. The school will provide water.

    Please email Mr. Beck with any questions or concerns.


    We will be utilizing a web resource to provide a common language about bullying and other issues our students (and us) deal with daily. The website we will use to support discussions in mentoring and at school is stopbullying.gov and it really is solid. It provides definitions on what bullying is and what it is not. It also details other teen matters. And while no website is perfect, this does a great deal to help us all be on the same page. We will be using this website in an ongoing manner to help educate and hopefully reduce bullying as well as other issues.

    To be very clear, bullying is taken seriously at Rockwell. We carefully investigate each allegation. That it occurs does not mean we are disregarding it. It means that we can't catch it all and sometimes we simply are not told about it. Sadly, some interactions that people call bullying are, in fact, something else entirely which is why we have to get as full a story as possible. As an administrative team, once we have as much of the story as possible, we proceed in a way to not only punish the bully, but also to make sure to get help so we can minimize future bullying.

    We want all Rockwell students to be safe and successful. That only happens when everyone works together toward those objectives.

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From the Director


Dear Marshals,

Unbelievable that we are at the end of another year. Very briefly, just want to thank everyone for a solid year where we saw enrollment grow, our graduation rate looks to be the highest ever, and we are looking forward to a special graduation with a number of our graduates having been here since 7th grade.

Students will come and go, as will families who have been here for 6 years of operation. I genuinely appreciate everyone who has done what they can to get Rockwell to where it is now. It has not been easy and we still have a great deal to accomplish, but we are in a better situation at the present time in terms of enrollment, academically, and financially than we have previously been.

Heading into year 7, please know that there will be a flurry of emails and other information going out during the next few weeks. All of this will be essential so we are able to start up in August ready to make it a great year. I wish our graduates a great deal of success as they head off to college and other pursuits. Never doubt that your attitude and work ethic far more determine success than probably anything else.

Best always,

Darren Beck,
Rockwell Charter High School

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